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Making Headlines


We are very pleased that two of our Middle School Students' writing pieces were published in the newspaper! We are incredibly proud of you! Well done! Their task was to write a story, here Ms. Rachel explains:


"Last semester, our Year 8 Mandarin class focused on how to practice and strengthen writing by including details. 

After reviewing several sample writings, I tried guiding our students to start from the selection of materials to write an outline, each student chose  a small thing to express a specific emotion.

Jerry used his pet cat as his writing theme while Emily chose a toy bear as hers. 


I motivated them further and encouraged them to think about what emotion was expressed behind the theme they chose. Jerry said "I want to show that the cat is my best friend". Emily said "I want to show the deep love of my father to me". 

After confirming the writing outline with them, each student gave me their first drafts next day. Although it was a first draft, Jerry and Emily's sincere expressions captured my heart. "Good articles are constantly refined and refined." They were also very patient and willing to accept opinions. They revised and polished their writing logic and details of the article, three times in a week.  After the final submission, I received a message from the newspaper editor: "Published". We were so excited! I believe this small achievement will be great encouragement to them. 


Every student has the potential to achieve something amazing. I have always emphasized to my students that nothing is more powerful than unhidden authenticity. I am glad to see the unique purity and sincerity of youth from their own writing."

- Ms. Rachel

Congratulations once again to Jerry, Emily & Ms. Rachel!

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