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Fire Drill

2020-12-14 17:41

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On Friday afternoon our whole school participated in a simulated fire drill. Firemen attended as well to make sure we were doing it safely, after our drill the firemen spoke with the students about fire safety and awareness. They introduced their equipment and showed us the safety protocol in an emergency. They even lit a fire and taught us how to put it out safely. 

Everyone had a great time and had the opportunity to learn some very valuable lessons.

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Why have a fire drill?

"Everyone in the school needs to know how to get outside quickly and quietly, and the best way to learn is to practice. The firemen told us that “saving the life of somebody someday may just depend on everyone knowing these procedures.” 


Fire Truck2.jpg

Like at school, it is important to practice fire drills at home too, so here are some simple instructions of how we did it at school: 

Fire alarm instructions:

1. Stop everything. 

2. Listen for instructions from the teacher.

3. Do not panic, but go quickly and quietly out of the classroom. 

4. Walk in an orderly fashion. Do not push. Everyone needs to get out safely.

5. Go to the meeting place on the field outside the school and wait there for the teacher to take the register to make sure all students are safe.


Students are asked to remember - once outside, stay outside. A student should never go back in until a teacher or another responsible adult says it is okay. 

“Knowing what to do is the key to surviving a fire emergency, fire drills help children and adults feel more comfortable with the noise, the activity and the process so that if a real fire occurs, everyone will be able to respond in a calm, organised manner.”

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