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Action Packed Excursions


Year 6

(Ages 年龄 10-11)


On Wednesday, the Year 6 students embarked on an exciting field trip to Easton Dreams to learn more about the ways in which we can express ourselves through the Arts.

The students enthusiastically participated in two inspiring sessions in which the dynamic hands-on learning experiences proved to be very rewarding. 

The first session which focused on dimensional construction, allowed the students to explore the concept of how pattern and rhythm are used in architectural design. After studying the work of architects Wang Peibo and Zaha Hadid, the students used the knowledge that they had gained to plan and design their own 3- Dimensional building models out of foam-based materials. 

The students created a range of original structures of varying heights and sizes and enjoyed the challenge of determining how to make visually pleasing designs that could also balance.


The second session was equally as engaging as the first and concentrated on the way in which light and shadow have been used in traditional theatre arts to tell stories. 

After learning about the way that light travels and how shadows are thereby created, the students were able to construct their own theatre screens using translucent papers and board. After designing their original shadow puppets they engaged in ‘shadow play’ using the silhouettes of the puppets that they had made to tell a story. 

The students had a wonderful time experimenting with these new art forms and only wished that they could have stayed longer to continue their fun-filled day of expressing themselves through Art!


Year 5

(Ages 年龄 9-10)



Year 5 were very excited to take part in the recent field trip to Easton Dreams in Dongcheng. We booked two separate activities related to aviation, one for the morning, and another after lunch. 

The first activity was at MakerSpace, where we learned how to make model aeroplanes using paper cups and elastic bands. The students made two prototypes following the principles of inquiry-based learning. They were shown examples made by the staff at Easton Dreams and were tasked to recreate the models themselves. 

Of course, the staff were available to assist, and there was approximately one staff member for every two students, so the experience was certainly “hands- on”.


After lunch, the students took part in an informative lesson about how aircraft and drones stay in the air, and how we can use these properties to control the model drones from DJI. 

After the class, the children had the opportunity to practice what they had learned in pairs with an instructor. 

At the end of the two activities, the students completed assessments to check their understanding, and they came away with an assessment folder and the models they made.


This is what the students said about their experience at Easton Dreams:

“I liked it when we played with the drones and the art work.” – Jessie

“I really enjoyed the lunch at Easton Dreams, the food was delicious.” – Andy

“It was a great day yesterday. There are many special places there. We got the chance to make a DIY plane out of paper cups and we went to DJI to learn about and fly drones. We had a delicious lunch there too. Yesterday was my birthday so I was very happy to spend the day there.” – Ethan

“Lunch was very delicious and I learned how to make simple aircraft.” – Billy 

“I liked to play with the drones because it was very cool.” – Winky

“Making airplanes was fun because I enjoy making things and lunch was so yummy because there was chicken pizza.” – Alice

“I enjoyed MakerSpace because we could make models and play. I also liked DJI Robomaster because we got to learn about and play with exciting drones and robots.” – Paul

“I enjoyed that we could change the environment and go to a new place, and I learned about how airplanes fly and land smoothly.” – Liah

Clearly, the students had a great time on their first field trip of the year!

Year 3

(Ages 年龄 7-8)


On Wednesday 25th November, the students attended Easton Dreams in Dongcheng alongside the Year 5 & 6 classes. During their visit, the students participated in two separate but very different activities.

To start the day, the students explored and discussed the theory behind ‘spinning tops’. They learned about how the size and position of the mass on the spinning top (amongst other factors) can affect its ability to spin for prolonged periods of time. 

Using Lego, the students created their own spinning tops and motorised mechanisms to enable them to spin their spinning tops. Once completed, them experimented by editing their spinning tops through adding and removing a wide variety of pieces.


For the day’s second and final activity, the students explored art work by artist James R. Eads, who utilised vibrant colours, flow and patterns within his pieces. 

The students took inspiration from his work before using the artist’s ideas within their very own paintings. This activity allowed the students to connect with their new unit of inquiry (How we express ourselves) as painting is another way of expressing ones emotions, thoughts and ideas. 

Despite using the same inspiration, the students created a wide variety of different images.


All in all it was a most educational day out for all! More firsthand experiences for students of EtonHouse International School!


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