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Internet Safety

Technology has shaped and altered the way we live, work, play, learn, and interact whether intentional or unintentional and it’s easy to feel like you are navigating uncharted territories. Social media and the internet can be a wonderful tool for users of all ages, a wealth of information and entertainment. Children can conduct research, gain new knowledge, communicate with friends through social media as well as play equational interactive games.  

However, we know that with such easy access to online resources comes risks such as inappropriate content/ads, cyberbullying, online predators and even accidental installation of malware or spyware. To avoid these incidents, here are some tips to help parents ensure their child’s digital footprint is a safe and positive experience.  


Take an interest in your child’s ‘online world’. 

Discuss with your child what they are doing online. Take an interest and become familiar with the websites and Apps that they use. 

Create a family media agreement 

Creating a list of internet/device rules that have been contributed by all users to adhere and respect. 


No internet/devices during mealtimes. 

No browsing alone in the room. 

Consider using Parental Filtering Software 

This allows parents to set time allowance, website filtering, etc. 

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