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Parent Workshop


Gaobu Campus 高埗校区


On Wednesday 27th November, we held a workshop for parents on assessment in the PYP. In the workshop parents learnt about the different tools and strategies that we use to identify what students know, understand and can do at different stages of the learning process.

We discussed the different ways to measure and record achievement of learning outcomes to ensure there is a progression of learning for each student through the year and from one year to the next. They gained an understanding that assessment is happening in some way every day.

Parents became the students for an assessment task using a rubric to judge the best choc chip cookie. They had to assess the different cookies for size, number of choc chips, texture and of course the fun part – the taste.

Through this task they learnt first-hand how important it is for students to know the criteria before they begin a task to ensure the best possible outcome for each student.

Dongcheng Campus 东城校区


On Thursday 28th November we held a workshop for parents on assessment in the Early Years. Parents learnt about the different ways student learning is monitored and recorded through photos, videos, anecdotal records and samples of student work.

Through an interactive example where parents became both teachers and students they put into practice what they had been learning. The groups had to choose an animal and build a habitat for the animal ensuring it was safe and fed.

Some parents took on the role of teacher, observing and recording the learning that they saw. The other parents were the students who had to discuss how they would design the habitat, chose their materials and build the habitat.

Parents enjoyed the task and came away with a deeper understanding of how we assess in the early years.  

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