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Robots in Coding


Robotics bring coding to life. It provides great opportunities for students to develop and apply their coding skills through hands-on experiences.


With lights, sounds, and movement, Robots help students to enjoy while learning to see how they can solve problems and express ideas through the power of code.


Robots in coding can be a learning tool to teach coding techniques, real-life applications and creativity.

Learning with Dash & Dot the students have learned to consolidate programming skills and mindset, thinking, comprehension and problem-solving skills.


The students have been using programming tools from iPads or iMacs as a learning tool as they carry many of the components to understand and learn how to code, such as programmable LED-lights, speakers, microphones and proximity sensors.

Students have learned that coding involves multi-dimensional control and thinking and that there can be multiple receiving signals and corresponding reactions that can all happen in parallel in one single tool.


Students also take up challenge tasks and become public speakers, presenting and demonstrating their own codes in front of others.

- Gain broader experiences 

- Gain a better understanding of the technology world 

- Master coding skills and logic 

- Encourage detailed thinking 

- Encourage active thinking and learning 

- Nurture imagination

- Build innovation and creativity 

- Nurture logical thinking 

- Gain problem-solving skills 

- Build self-confidence


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