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Celebrating Who We Are


At EtonHouse we truly enjoy creating as many opportunities as possible whereby all of our students can celebrate and share their learning process with the whole school community. One key aspect of the Primary Years Programme(PYP) whereby the process of student learning can be showcased is through the Exhibition, which is usually only a culminating experience designed for the Year 6 students who can demonstrate their learning experiences that take place during the academic year.

However, as a school that fully believes in the capabilities and voice of all students, regardless of their age, we were very excited to work together as a team to share our very first whole school PYP Unit 1 Exhibition! Students from Foundation to Year 6 clearly displayed what they had been learning and showed the many different ways in which the Transdisciplinary Theme of ‘Who We Are’ could be interpreted and presented from one Year Level to another, across the whole school.

A myriad of learning experiences were presented from the way in which an individual could use their skills to teach those around them, to the way in which healthy lifestyles choices could impact one’s future. Students even took action after understanding the concept of how difficult life challenges could be and made posters to share their perspectives, creating awareness within the community of how challenges can be overcome.

Overall, the exhibition proved to be a fantastic opportunity to celebrate the student’s learning success during Unit 1. Students, teachers and parents all greatly enjoyed the experience.

EtonHouse will continue to host these exhibitions and sincerely look forward to the upcoming celebration of the next Unit!

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