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EtonHouse, Dongguan is committed to the pursuit of excellence and leadership in educational services and practice. At EtonHouse, Dongguan, we strive to provide a quality education in a multi-cultural environment where learning is fun and enjoyable.

Our Philosophy

At our school we aim to create a happy, secure and caring learning environment in which all children are valued equally, encouraged to talk confidently and relate to each other and their environment in a caring way. We believe in a child-centered approach to the curriculum. We encourage the children to plan, negotiate and develop a critical appreciation of their work. We offer them the necessary support that will help them to reach their full potential. We value parental involvement in their child’s education as this is an important part of ensuring the children’s success as learners. Our approach to teaching and learning involves:


  • EtonHouse values the uniqueness of each child as both a gift and an opportunity.
  • This uniqueness is supported and enhanced by a learning environment that is respectful of the child as he/she seeks to make meaning of the socio-cultural context in which he/she lives.
  • EtonHouse provides a composite curriculum approach that represents the best in 21st century pedagogical thinking from around the world.


The EtonHouse Inquire-Think-Learn curriculum approach, inspired by the Reggio Emilia Project of Northern Italy is founded on the following eight principles which guide everyday teaching and learning.


  • An image of the child as competent. Children are respected as strong and competent learners, curious and interested in their world
  • An acknowledgement of children as sophisticated thinkers and communicators
  • A focus on seeing children as participants within a socio-cultural context in which knowledge is constructed through reciprocal and responsive interactions with others
  • An understanding that play and conversation are the central modes of learning for young children
  • A recognition that the curriculum has research-based intellectual and pedagogical integrity
  • The establishment of a reciprocal partnership with parents, recognizing them as the child’s first educator
  • A demonstration as educators of accountability for children’s learning through reflective pedagogical documentation
  • The ongoing commitment by educators to view themselves as researchers who work with colleagues, chidren and families, to deepen their own understanding of their teachi
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